Course Curriculum

    1. Video Lesson with Christoph: How to Remove FAR Clauses From Your Contracts and Subcontracts

    2. Summary of How to Remove FAR Clauses: Yours to download and keep forever!

    3. FORMULA + SCRIPT: Yours to download and keep forever!

    4. QUIZ: multiple-choice test of knowledge to reinforce key points

  • $300.00
  • Learn the formula and script to get those FAR clauses DELETED!
  • Keep a copy of the "script" to convince the government OR prime contractor to remove FAR clauses
  • Gain competence and confidence in negotiating better contracts and subcontracts

Rave Reviews

“The best course I HAVE EVER taken on this subject! Real-world discussion. Instructor was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and personable. Spoke in plain English. Wish I had taken this course years ago—very, very helpful.”


“I’ve sought government contracting help for years and you are absolutely the best for dealing with government contracting. Thanks for the advice today.”

consulting client: 8a + WOSB small business owner

“The instructor was as good as I have ever had in a Gov’t class. Truly outstanding in his ability to present the course content and make the class both enjoyable, an excellent learning experience, and fast-paced.”


“Christoph was instrumental in advising us in an easy to understand way how to successfully resolve our challenges. Over the years we’ve continued to reach out to Christoph for his expertise.”

consulting client: federal contractor for several agencies

“Christoph LLC was instrumental in helping us navigate the very complex request for equitable adjustment (REA) process and helping us get two REA’s approved, resulting in a six-figure dollar increase to our contracts.”

consulting client: SDVOSB small business owner

“Honestly, one of the best courses I have taken in my 15+ year Government career. Thank you.”


“Christoph is an outstanding instructor. His knowledge of the subject is excellent!”


Learn how to delete FAR clauses using bulletproof logic by mastering the rules.

I’ll teach you the secret formula to convince the government or contractor to remove FAR clauses from your prime contract or subcontract. I will give you "the formula" to follow, complete with a written script to persuade anyone to delete any FAR clause—just fill in the blanks. Download the formula + script and use it for all your negotiations!

Meet your instructor, Christoph Mlinarchik

Top consultant, instructor, and expert witness-- and former contracting officer!

Christoph Mlinarchik

Christoph explains government contracts in plain English, just like his bestselling books! Christoph Mlinarchik, JD, CFCM, PMP is a former contracting officer, top consultant, instructor, and expert witness, and the bestselling author of The Government Contracts in Plain English Series of books. Christoph has taught or trained 1000+ professionals nationwide—from novices to C-level executives. With experience in both government and industry, Christoph has the unique combination to help you succeed. Christoph has negotiated, reviewed, or managed billions of dollars of government contracts over the course of his career. This real-world experience provides an invaluable perspective for clients. Email [email protected] for consulting services beyond 1-hour sessions.

Negotiate shorter, cleaner contracts!

Easy decision. Learn from a former contracting officer, top consultant, and author of the bestselling book, Government Contracts Negotiation, Simplified!

Supercharge your negotiation skills and learn the formula + script to delete any FAR clauses!

VIP Consulting Session

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    $400.00Consulting and Coaching with Christoph

    Get 1 hour of personalized training, consultation, and coaching. Ask me anything! Your chance to meet with the author of The Government Contracts in Plain English Series.
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